Pick up a camera (or Smartphone) and explore your roots, identity, family history or cultural heritage through photography. 

Use the subthemes and resources to help you to share your story and show us your perspective on your heritage.


England’s New Lenses: Untold Heritage asks you to explore your past and tell the stories that you feel are left out of the history books. This might seem like too big a task to jump straight into, so we have broken it down into themes to help get you thinking.

The themes come with prompts, ideas and how-to videos aimed to help you explore your photography, get creative and produce photos that reflect your Untold Heritage.


Theme one explores the idea of Heirlooms – What have we been left by those who went before? and what do we want to leave for future generations?
Think about and explore the treasures in your home? The items you love whether they are pots, recipes, hats, books? What do you always carry with you and what story does it have to tell?


Theme one explores households, all household are unique. Some are family, others friends, housemates or carers. Households can be created through circumstance, or made up of people we have chosen to live with, your household over lockdown might also have been different from normal.


Things have changed over time, even the way that we play and what we play with!
Toys, board games, gaming, outdoor play – what do we have that would be unrecognisable to our grandparent’s generation? And what games did they play that we’ve never heard of!?

Pets and Animals

Our fourth and final subtheme explores the animals we share our houses with and our planet. We are surrounded by creatures, whether we choose to be or not. From the Spiders sneaking into our houses to the pets that are truly part of the family, and, unsurprisingly, this has always been the case.