The Ancestors

A clique of Caribbean maroon warrior women,

A general of Haiti and his right-hand man,

An ex-enslaved couple reclaiming their land,

A group of Black French Caribbean soldiers and their wives travelling across the Atlantic to be reunited with them.

These are the Ancestors: manifesting in our world, in the hopes we can stop history repeating itself.

The Ancestors play, film and performance started out as Freedom and Revolution – a project we launched in the summer of 2020 in partnership with the National Youth Theatre and researchers from the University of Warwick.

Taking new research about Portchester castle, a 1807 play “The Revolutionary Philanthropist”, and a group of young performers from the NYT and local youth groups, we created The Ancestors.

A site specific play and performance that switched the focus away from the original colonial male perspective of “The Revolutionary Philanthropist”, and retold the story of the Haitian prisoners of war from a Black female point of view.

Head over to the Freedom and Revolution project page for an in depth look at the history and how the first phases of the project went.

The Monologues

As part of the development process for ‘The Ancestors’ we created a series of monologues and were able to film them thanks to our partnership with Google Arts and Culture. There is even more information about the project and some 360 views of Portchester over on the Google Arts and Culture pages about the project.

The Sea Does Not Agree With Me

Original Monologue written and performed by Hana.

This Doesn't Look Like Home

Original Monologue written and performed by Naila.

Mamma's Candle

Original Monologue written and performed by Tatenda.

I Don't Belong Here

Original Monologue written and performed by Lauren-Deanna.

Tu Lucha Es Me Lucha

Original Monologue written and performed by Anna.