Stonehenge Stories

During lockdown we worked with a young artist, via zoom, to consider some of Stonehenge’s biggest mysteries and create our own stone artworks.

In July 2020, Grimm & Co and Creative Youth Network Arts Club participated in creative workshops based on Stonehenge. Lucia Harry, a young artist on the Creative Futures programme, run by Creative Youth Network in Bristol, worked with the Shout Out Loud team to develop the sessions inspired by our sites, and ran them over Zoom.

We decided to explore the shapes, materials and patterns found at Stonehenge, focussing on asking ‘why?’. ‘Why were those stones chosen?’ ‘Why those shapes?’ ‘Why those patterns?’ Over two digital sessions, we explored these ideas and learned about the history of Stonehenge and some of the unanswered questions around how and why it was built. With these questions and discussions in our minds, we then explored our local areas and chose our own stones, reflecting on why we were drawn to those stones in particular.

With our newly selected stones, we created artworks inspired by Stonehenge and the shapes and patterns found there, by painting, printing or drawing on them. Many of the stone artworks featured sunsets, the Stonehenge stones, and geometric patterns. Once completed we placed our stones back out into the community for someone to discover. Perhaps whoever finds them will ask similar questions about the origins and purpose of our stones!

Decorated stone placed on hillside

Placing our stones for others to find