Stonehenge 3019

In August 2019, members from the Army Welfare Service (AWS) (Bulford Camp) created one of our most exciting video projects to so far!

Music equipment used by 3019 project

Working with Ginkgo Projects and multi-media artist Sleepdogs, they created ‘Stonehenge 3019’. A journey through time combining the known history of Stonehenge and an imagined future.

This project was about connecting people with their local heritage and exploring one of the most famous World Heritage Sites, Stonehenge.

We began by creating a timeline of the last 5,000 years at Stonehenge, exploring strange and curious historical theories. By teaming up with English Heritage Stonehenge experts, we were given special access to the stone circle, and with the help of Sleepdogs, we took film and sound recordings of stones and the surrounding landscape.

Over the next few weeks, we developed our creative writing skills, made digital music and voice-overs, and shot some additional film. We also tried out Salisbury Museum’s ‘Climb a Monolith’ outdoor climbing activity.

“I thought it was going to be boring – it wasn’t”


“Everyone listened to my ideas”

Stonehenge 3019 demonstration

Demonstration of objects

Participants filming a still

Practising our filming skills

Young people playing in a forest

Exploring our local landscape

Throughout the sessions, we worked together to produce a film inspired by an imagined a future of what Stonehenge would be like in 1000 years, knowing that our visit is now part of the story of the Stones.

On the 6th October 2019, members of the group hosted a public sharing event at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre where they presented the finished futuristic film to a packed house!

Not only did the project give everyone the chance to gain leadership, creative writing, music and film-making skills (whilst hopefully having a bit of fun and making new friends), it left everyone with a strong sense of pride and achievement in both their work and in their local heritage.

“I didn’t know I’d make so many friends” 


Two of the AWS members who took part have since signed up to assist on future Shout Out Loud projects as volunteers.

Stonehenge 3019 was produced by young people in the Army Welfare Service in partnership with Ginkgo Projects and multi-media artist Sleepdogs.