Shape My City at Temple Church

In September and November 2020, we worked with ‘Shape My City’, linking architecture and conservation within the beautiful ruins of Bristol Temple Church.

Young people with Temple Church behind

Temple Church is hidden away in the centre of Bristol, and is mostly unknown to those who live nearby. English Heritage is working with the Architecture Centre to redesign the site, giving it a new purpose and making it a space for the community. The Architecture Centre run ‘Shape My City’, which focusses on learning about architecture in a hands on way, and discovering future career options.

Over two sessions we visited Temple Church and explored the ‘sense of space’ – how it felt to be in the ruins. We then met conservation architects Lucy Barron and Charles Wellingham who told us more about the path to a career in conservation and what the job can offer. We discussed what heritage means to us, and thought about how we would redevelop the Temple Church site, coming up with ideas for a new roof design and how the space could be better used by the community.

Young person walking through archway
Young people looking at a photo in Temple Church

It was exciting to discover a hidden site and think about what heritage means to Bristol and the community. We thought about the many past stories of Temple Church and its future potential and how architecture can play a key role in bringing the two together.

“The activities were fun and engaging, and the staff made me feel happy to share my ideas as well as helping develop and express them. It was very insightful into the work of conservation architects”.