Through the ages


We invite you to explore your local heritage, re-discover the places, the voices, the music and the activities that make where you live unique.

Reverberate is a new funding scheme for grassroots organisations to run small, locally-based projects that enable and empower young people (aged 11-25) to re-discover, re-imagine and re-create their local heritage through creativity, and share their vision with their communities.

By exploring what makes where you live unique. We want projects that engage critically and creatively with the past, to consider what history is important to them as individuals and how the stories of the past – whether these are well-known or undiscovered – impact the present. We want to encourage a broader view of what heritage is and who owns it and to question and disrupt the status quo.

group of young people coming up with ideas
Interviewing amongst the stones for 'Our Stones'

We are working with Sound Connections, one of our amazing consortium partners to deliver this programme.

Find out more about them on our Partners page

Sound Connections