Reverberate: Encore


In 2020, Reverberate funded grassroots organisations to run small, locally-based projects that enabled and empowered young people aged 11-25 to re-discover, re-imagine and re-create their local heritage through creativity, then share that vision with their communities.

In 2022, Reverberate: Encore offered new grants to 4 projects led by previous Reverberate partners to re-visit their projects and receive up to £3,000 funding, the Reverberate: Encore applications had to demonstrate some development of previous Reverberate activity, showing how they could explore their heritage topic, inspiration, or site in more depth.

Find out how the groups got on in their second round of Reverberate funding below! 

Group of musicians round a piano looking at a mind map
Group of musicians round a piano looking at sheet music
Illustration of shadows dancing on a staircase
Young Dancers on a boat in Portsmouth

We are working with Sound Connections, one of our amazing consortium partners to deliver this programme.

Find out more about them on our Partners page

Sound Connections