Reverberate 2023 funded grassroots youth organisations to run small, locally-based projects that empowered young people to re-discover, re-imagine and re-create their heritage through creativity. This year, each project was inspired by English Heritage sites and stories, including those people commemorated by our blue plaques scheme.

Applications closed in April 2023 and we provided support to eight youth groups across the country with access to English Heritage sites and stories, as well as £2,000 each to complete their project. These groups explored the places, voices and activities that make their chosen heritage story unique and important to them.

Each project engaged critically and creatively with the past and demonstrated how these stories can interact with and impact the present in ways that are meaningful to young people today.

Find out more about their fantastic and inspiring projects below!

Pankhurst's Blue Plaque
group of young people film in Marble Hill House
young people in historical outfits filming in character
young person with sound recording equipment
group of young people work on a poster
Music equipment used by 3019 project
artist Steve Claydon stands next to a silver artwork on a stand
young people sketching at Chysauster Ancient Village
sketches of nature made by a young person
young people explore carisbrooke castle
graphic of a blue plaque

We’re working with Sound Connections to deliver this programme.

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Sound Connections