Mapping the Past

Created by our Young Producers and placement student Amy, ‘Mapping the Past’ is a zine that investigates the history of disability connected to English Heritage sites in London and the South East. Amy talks us through how the zine came together.

mapping history illustration

For as long as society has existed, people with disabilities have been a part of it. However, when we learn about the past, all too often the lives and contributions of Deaf and disabled people are overlooked or actively hidden from view. So many stories are missing from history, or have been told from the perspective of the able-bodied and distorted in the process.

Our zine aims to highlight the traces of disabled lives from the past that we could find connected with English Heritage sites in London and the South East, as well as some blue plaques.

illustrated map of historic sites in the south east

Who was involved?

This project was created with the help of a team of Shout Out Loud Young Producers, who each researched and wrote a piece for the zine. Find out more about who they are below.


“My name is Imogen, I’m 19 and currently studying Ancient, Medieval and Modern History at the University of Kent. I am also a volunteer at Dover Castle.”


“Hey I’m Beth! I’m 24 and am from Preston in Lancashire. I joined the Young Producers as I’ve always enjoyed looking at how people lived before the 21st century. I’m a professional actor when not working with Shout Out Loud, and like finding ways to make history more engaging through creativity. In my spare time, I love writing poetry, playing ukulele and bouldering.”


“Hi I’m Ben and I’m from Sheffield. I’m 19 and studying history at the University of Nottingham. I joined the Young Producer team in February 2020 and I love history: being able to share my passion for it in a project like this is just brilliant. In my spare time I enjoy playing music, acting and working in my family military antique business”.


“Hi, I’m Sophie and I am a Young Producer and former Digital Content Creator for Shout Out Loud. I’m doing a masters degree in Museum and Gallery studies at the University of St Andrews. Whether it be castle ruins, an historical musical, a period drama or a stately home; I love anything to do with history and heritage!”


“I have been a Young Producer for Shout Out Loud since Spring 2019. I applied to be a Young Producer because I felt Shout Out Loud would have a fundamental impact in encouraging more young people to explore their heritage. I am a final year student at the University of Birmingham, and I am hoping to pursue a career in the heritage sector.”


“I’m Amy, and I’m studying for a masters in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. I’m really passionate about the social role of heritage, and how we can interpret the past to better understand the present. When I’m not thinking about museums and heritage, I’m usually cross stitching!”

Read the full zine here

You can also download the zine here. We’d love to know what you think – let us know via our social media channels below.

We commissioned an Easy Read version of the zine too, from My Life My Choice, a self-advocacy charity working to support people with learning disabilities.

Easy Read is a type of communication that uses short simple sentences with pictures to make information more accessible to people with learning disabilities.