Making My Mark


We partnered with Create Studios to invite young people aged 16-25 from across the country to celebrate their personal identity and heritage through film. Create Studios worked closely with 11 young people to produce personal short films each inspired by their own stories.

Create Studios delivered training and mentorship to 11 young people chosen to produce their own personal short films. Among other things, this included learning about: camera techniques, editing, pre and post production and shooting logistics. Each young person explored their own identity and heritage in ways unique to them, and these stories were then developed into inspiring short films.

For instance, Nozomi's film 'Mixed Feelings' explores her experience as a young person with mixed heritage.

Asena's film, 'My Mother's Mother', explores the topic of motherhood and untangles Asena's personal lineage.

In Spring 2022, a national call out was made and the work of these 11 young producers went on to inspire other young people across the country to share their stories through film and photography.

Every story is unique to each young person, but all are united by their celebration of diversity, individuality and the importance of heritage.


Making My Mark is a remarkable digital film archive, with over 200 short films created by young people exploring their identities. You can visit the project page and watch the videos here.


Create Studios is an award-winning production company capturing the heart of every story through Film, Photography and Animation. Working regionally and nationally, Create Studios has a track record of delivering high-quality inclusion and heritage programmes which engage diverse communities and gives them a voice.