Lost and Found

Share the stories of objects and places that were lost or forgotten for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years until YOU found them.


You don’t need to travel the world or be a professional archaeologist to make exciting discoveries… there are opportunities everywhere!


Lost and Found invites you to share the stories behind things that you have found; objects or places that were lost, forgotten or hidden for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years until YOU discovered them.

It could be anything from an old newspaper once hidden under a floorboard, a tin of photos found in a loft, the hidden remains of a ruined building you once stumbled across, or a Victorian penny dug up from the garden.

We’d love to hear about your found object – how did you discover it? What do you think its story could be? And what does it mean to you?


How to take part

  • Find something you want to tell us about! It could be something you discovered on the beach, on an archaeological dig or in your grandparents’ cupboards: anything that you’ve found that has some personal meaning to you.
  • We’re using some software called VideoAsk to capture your stories. You’ll be able to access the link on our social media and at the bottom of this page.
  • When you open the link, you’ll see Sam, one of our Shout Out Loud Young Producers, asking you a question about your object and then you can respond with your story as a video, an audio clip or in writing. If you don’t want to show your face on a video, you can record the item you’re describing or where it was found, so long as you can access this safely.
  • VideoAsk is set up for recording your submissions live but if you prefer to upload your own pre-recorded video, click on the ‘Video’ option and look for the ‘Upload’ icon.
  • Sam will ask you a series of questions as prompts for you to tell us all about your found object. If you feel like you’ve already answered his question, or have nothing more to add, you can skip it by writing ‘skip’ in the text response option.
  • After the deadline on 1 November, we’ll be using your videos, audio clips and text to create a showcase of all the things you’ve found and their stories, so please make sure you are happy with what you send us being shared on our website and social media channels. Have a look at the GDPR statement above for further information.