Fast Fashion – Part 1

Between February and July 2021, we worked with 6 students from Mercia School in Sheffield on ‘Fast Fashion’. Together we explored the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry over the last 250 years, using Stott Park Bobbin Mill in the Lake District as inspiration.


STOTT PARK BOBBIN MILL View of a selection of bobbins and other turned wood products

“Fast fashion is a design, manufacturing, and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing…These cheaply made, trendy pieces have resulted in an industry-wide movement towards overwhelming amounts of consumption. Unfortunately, this results in harmful impacts on the environment, garment workers, and, ultimately, consumers’ wallets.”

– Audrey Stanton, The Good Trade

“40 years ago, people used to have only a few good items of clothing, to be worn from year to year. Nowadays, people constantly move between new clothes and new trends.”

Connor, Mercia Student

“I think shops are doing what is right for their business, by producing new clothes every week, but they need to acknowledge the environmental impacts of this. This is where they need to weigh up the economical/environmental effects.”

Bella, Mercia Student