Black Chiswick through History

Black Chiswick through History is an ongoing community research project which aims to look more deeply at the collections of artifacts and plants at Chiswick House.

collage of letters and images of black historical figures

Supported by Shout Out Loud, the team at Chiswick House have been working with local young people to redefine how they understand their local history through a diversity of voices and perspectives.

Since 2021, the Chiswick House team has been working with Chiswick School and Hogarth Youth and Community Centre. Together they have selected six objects from the house’s collection to explore, question and respond to. All the while, the young people are striving to make visible these shared histories to all who visit Chiswick House and Gardens.

Focussing on those six objects, new research drew out the stories of people, places and experiences related to Black history, with both global and local connections. Inspired by this research and their own diverse experiences and backgrounds, the young people went on to produce a series of thoughtful responses to the collection. You can see their creative responses on display in the house, enriching the interpretation for all our visitors.

As part of this project a number of blogs have been written by the young people and others taking part. These are all available on the Chiswick House website – head over and check them out: