A Job in History Careers Series

Welcome to the home page for our “A Job in History? No Longer a Mystery” YouTube Careers series!


Through this YouTube series, we are trying to de-mystify the wide variety of roles in heritage by interviewing some of the best. Whether you want to work in the industry but don’t know how to get your foot in the door, just want to know some hints and tips, or have always liked heritage but don’t think there is a career for you, these are the videos for you!

Our Young Producers take the opportunity to interview members of English Heritage staff, from the CEO(!) to the Chief Gardener to the Head of Commercial Development. Click on the links below to explore!

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The Interpretation Bug!

Interviewee: Dominique

Job Role: Interpretation Manager

Interviewer: Sophie

An Exciting Creative Risk

Interviewee: Penny

Job Role: Senior Creative Programmes Manager

Interviewer: Janie

Be Tenacious!

Interviewee: Rachel

Job Role: Senior Collections Conservator

Interviewer: Sam

The Joy of Learning

Interviewee: Jack

Job Role: Learning Manager

Interviewer: Janie

Taking the Plunge!

Interviewee: Kingston

Job Role: Head of Commercial Development

Interviewer: Niles

The Wider Picture

Interviewee: Nicole

Job Role: Visitor Access Manager

Interviewer: Anne

Rock On!

Interviewee: Christopher

Job Role: Senior Gardens Advisor

Interviewer: Imogen

Person to Person

Interviewee: Matt

Job Role: Head Collections Curator

Interviewer: Anne

Believe in Yourself!

Interviewee: Kate Mavor

Job Role: CEO (Chief Executive Officer!)

Interviewer: Sophie

(Grants and) Trusts the Process

Interviewee: Sonja Lahiff

Job Role: Head of Grants and Trusts

Interviewer: Imogen

Learning Through Self

Interviewee: Rae Marshall

Job Role: Events Manager (North)

Interviewer: Niles

The Backbone of English Heritage

Interviewee: Lauren O’Kill

Job Role: Volunteering and Participation Assistant

Interviewer: Leonie