Young Producers illustration of Janie

I’ve just finished my A-Levels, studying Art, History and History of Art, I also spent a summer working at the Historic England archive in Swindon, and I’m interested in the curation and conservation of historical objects and buildings, coming from an Art History perspective.

I saw the Shout Out Loud programme when I was looking for volunteering and work experience opportunities and decided to get involved. Heritage has been something I’ve always been interested in, but I know many of my peers who don’t feel the same way, and I’d love to help remove some of the taboo around the field!

So far I’ve attended a consultation session in London which reviewed the project as a whole, and have been giving some input into the branding for the project. I’ve also had the opportunity to respond to one of the talks from the staff at English Heritage through a blog format. I’m really excited to see where the project will go!