Young Producers illustration of Hannah

I became involved in the Shout Out Loud programme to contribute to the maintaining and developing of our historical sites and the perceptions of our heritage. Particularly in my age group, an interest in history seems to be becoming less popular, so I would love to make a difference by encouraging and engaging more young people to be actively involved in history.

So far, I have participated in various leadership workshops, which have given me invaluable communication, teamwork and independence skills and allowed me (hopefully!) to make useful contributions to the programme in the form of projects and proposals we have put forward.

In lockdown, I have attending virtual group discussions and acted as a representative for feedback Young Producers have come up with. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to make new friendships with like-minded individuals, receive fantastic support from the team and had the chance to look at some really interesting properties too!

I’m currently studying History, English Literature and Psychology in sixth form.