Published on 23 October 2020

You will have read everyone else’s fantastic blog posts, and I bet you’re thinking, “yes, we’re in for a real treat, another brilliantly funny blog post from the next of the placements”. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint. I’ve never been very good at writing these sorts of things. So, I’ve decided to try something a bit different…

When thinking about what I wanted to write for this blog, and what I wanted to share with everyone, three things came to mind:

  • Why did I want to work for Shout Out Loud?
  • What is it like working from home?
  • What is it like working for Shout Out Loud?

Shout Out Loud is all about the new, the creative and the exciting, so I wanted to try and share that in this blog post. So, to answer these three burning questions, I have created the following three poems. I’ve never been one for writing poetry, but something at the beginning of this project made me want to try something new and find my inner poet, and this is what I have produced…


Why did I want to work for Shout Out Loud?

Why English Heritage? Why Shout Out Loud?

You could have chosen anywhere, any place, any cloud,

I have always loved stories, old England’s history,

Sharing these tales, uncovering new ones fascinate me.

Researching how people, can enjoy what I love,

Sharing results and findings; making changes, giving a shove

In the direction towards youth voice deciding

what stories are told and which we are not hiding.


What is it like working from home?

Working from home is an unusual thing,

At least no-one can hear when I have a good sing,

Sitting at my desk in my own bedroom

Whilst chatting away in meetings on zoom

So how to do you focus when working from home?

A very good question, let’s ask Google Chrome,

Remove the distractions, give yourself a routine,

Write a to-do list, with breaks in between.

Go outside for a walk, a bit of fresh air,

Then come back to your designated work desk and work chair.

My one problem is the kitchen is too close

Chocolate is being consumed; I’m overdosing on glucose!


What is it like working for Shout Out Loud?

So how does a day for Shout Out Loud work?

Independent working plus lots of teamwork

Turn on my laptop, log onto Slack,

Check my inbox, send any replies back.

Meetings on zoom, everyone is in attendance

Kirsty’s cat, Amy’s dog, Lauren’s hamster, Imogen’s … David Tennant

Working on evaluation with Kirsty and MHM

Finding creative new ways to gather the fun and mayhem

Of every Shout Out Loud project ran by the YPOs

With energy and passion, keeping Claire and Kirsty on their toes.

New ideas are run past the Young Producers remotely

Using technology to include all, excluding nobody,

A fantastic team to be working within

Can’t wait for next week to get even more stuck in!


Well, I have definitely tried something new! Whether I have succeeded in producing the world’s next best poems, I don’t think I have. Shout Out Loud is all about trying something new and having a go.

Is there something you have always wanted to try, but never had the chance? Why not? Have a go! You might enjoy it!

The view from my window.. (I wish)